The Motion of the Mind

two energy

People are like rivers–we are defined by continuously flowing energy, never-ending movement. It is the nature and direction of this energy that determines our life path, our productivity and our happiness. Will we direct our momentum toward an intentionally-designed destination, pursuing a pathway of enlightened and deliberate course? Or will we engage our energy in reactivity and divert ourselves toward impulsive and painful unawareness? In truth, all of us have times where we do either one or the other, but we are each unique in the degree to which one direction is predominant.

Some people grasp a higher and deeper level of self-understanding and a more clear perspective of the world around. They are mindful and present, and carefully consider each moment through a genuine lens. This enables one to have sustained effort and a more planful course. The energy that is used more consistently goes toward the fulfillment of needs, resulting in what I call proactive energy use.

Others of us are frequently bogged down with lack of awareness, repressed self, distraction, impulsive and ruminative negative emotion, and an obfuscated lens that distorts reality. This leads to an inability to retain progress and ultimately culminates in a lot of unmet needs. These individuals are caught in reactive energy use.

In order to achieve proactive energy flow, one must have attunement to the needs of the self and the needs of others. This attunement is understanding of intent, as well as grasping the the means by which one can realize these deeper intentions. However, when a person is not present and is unable to understand the needs of self and others, they are thwarted in their efforts to meet those needs. Unmet needs lead to pain, emotional negativity and the energy then flows toward reacting to the dysfunction. The more energy is sucked in by the reactive state, the less one is able to gain attunement and fulfill needs to realize a proactive course, and the cycle continues.

In order to move your life’s energy toward the proactive state, you must constantly ask yourself this question: “Is where I am giving my energy actually meeting one of my needs, or is it being drained out to pain?” The realization of a meaningful and happy life lies in the distribution of energy and the deliberate partitioning of effort toward needs. Many people believe that happiness is gained by positive things happening in life. In reality, life requires us to take much more accountability for the creation of results and this creation all lies in how energy is used. Challenge yourself to avoid taking the “victim stance”, stop reacting to pain and instead see pain as an indication of an unmet need that must be addressed. Use strong emotions (both positive and negative) as valuable indicators of where your needs lie, don’t allow them to build up into pain that is then reacted to. Above all, remember that fulfillment and meaning in life are not the outcomes of good fortune, but the residue of careful energy design.

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