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Brett McDonald, M.S.  Author

Brett McDonald, M.S.,  founder of dragonflymind.org, writes her posts based on the unifying theme of Relational Exchange Therapy. A mental health therapist with over 10 years experience, she created RET as a new modality for treatment of eating disorders, and she has since found strong applications for its use with a variety of mental health and social issues. Brett is the clinical director of The Dragonfly Retreat, where she and her partner, Sifu Joseph Simonet, work jointly to lead people suffering from eating disorders and other mental illness out of the symptom trap and onto the road of recovery. Brett is a regular columnist for Personal Development Cafe, and she is in the process of writing a series of books about Relational Exchange Therapy. To read more about RET, visit her                                 website,                          thedragonflyretreat,com. (go to philosopy tab, “What is RET?)

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